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Mark, excellent points...FYI, for the last four years, Rio Tinto Diamonds has done exactly that at JCK by "adopting" and promoting the work of talented designers (some established some "up & coming") and tasked with using/imagining Rio Tinto's Diavik (Canadian) & Argyle Champagne (Australian) diamonds. That initiative has been wrapped inside their "Diamonds with a Story" campaign designed to help diamantaires, retailers and consumers look beyond the 4C's and understand everything from the diamonds' chain of custody to the positive life stories of the indigenous population that live and work in and around the Rio Tinto diamond mines. On top of that, for the last 7 years, they have engaged noted industry design guru, teaching professor and jewelry designer Paola DeLuca and the Vicenza Trade Fair's TrendVision group to identify significant fashion & lifestyle trends to help retailers and designers create "on trend" product to various emerging global/social/media-friendly trends & themes.
full marks to Rio Tinto for the way your Diamonds with a Story campaign "adopts " young designers and seeks to influence retailers to be more creative .