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Synthetic Diamond Producers Form Global Association

Several synthetic diamond producers have got together to form the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA). Based in the United States, the group’s stated intention is to promote lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to natural stones and educate consumers on the applications and qualities of synthetic diamonds. The IGDA also seeks to ensure that lab-grown diamonds are “presented in a fair and technically correct manner”.

Richard Garard, chief executive of synthetic diamond producer Microwave Enterprises, who is the IGDA’s secretary general, said the IGDA would give synthetic producers a platform to offer consumers an alternative to natural stones as well as commercial sectors that require a consistent supply to develop diamond-based applications.

Vishal Mehta, chief executive of IIa Technologies, who is the president of the IGDA, said the group was formed from the need to collectively represent synthetic diamonds on a global platform, share technical facts about growing diamonds and the technology involved so that there would be informed knowledge about the “value, beauty and eco-advantages” of synthetic diamonds.

Other group members include Washington Diamonds, New Diamond Technology, Scio Diamond, Golcondia, Pure Grown Diamonds, Polished Diamond Company, Diamond Foundry, MiaDonna & Company and Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds.

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