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Surat Firm Training Jail Inmates In Diamond Polishing

In a unique initiative aimed at imparting a gainful skill that will hold them in good stead once they have finished their terms, prisoners in Surat’s Lajpore Central Jail are being trained in cutting and polishing diamonds by a local firm, Kohinoor Diamonds.

Two polishing wheels have been installed at the jail and some eight prisoners, who have evinced interest in acquiring diamond cutting skills in order to make a living once they have served their terms, are being trained by a Kohinoor cutter as well as other prisoners who have diamond-cutting experience.

The scheme was launched by Jail Superintendent H.R. Chaudhary along with the directors of Kohinoor Diamonds, when they realised that diamond processing skills were not being taught in the jail’s rehabilitation curriculum, which includes power loom weaving skills.

A diamond is supplied to the trainees by the firm and they are then instructed in the various steps in the cutting and polishing process. The stone is kept in safekeeping at the jail until it has undergone the full cutting and polishing process.

Kohinoor says it will increase the number of polishing wheels in the program if it shows good results.

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