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SSEF Launches GemTrack Gemstone Tracking Service For Middle Market

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF announced the launch of GemTrack, a new service for the middle of the process chain, that enables the providing of an expert scientific opinion linking a cut gemstone to the rough stone from which it originated.

While the SSEF emerald “Paternity Test” system along with a blockchain tracking system has been trialled in 2017 by coloured gemstone miner Gemfields and has recently been adopted by Fura, the GemTrack system allows the middle market in the process chain to adopt a customer assurance technology.

The service involves the combination of crystallographic, structural, chemical and microscopic analyses, which allow for a detailed and potentially unique characterisation and fingerprinting of a rough stone. These same features can later be later be identified during the investigation of a resultant cut stone, following the cutting and polishing process, and documented on a GemTrack report.

A GemTrack document may also be issued if a gem is later mounted in jewellery, in order to document the stone all the way from the rough state to an item of jewellery.

A GemTrack report will not make any specific claims of mine of origin. However, when credible documentation is provided (such as transparent sales receipts from a rough auction), it may state that, based on provided documentation, a gemstone was sourced from a specific company or auction.

"Given the growing demand for provenance and traceability in our industry, we felt that SSEF can provide a truly independent gemological documentation for a gem on its journey from the rough to cut state, and even to its being set in jewellery", said Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, Director of SSEF.

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