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Sarine Warns Of Action In US Against Patent-Infringed Polished Sales

Diamond processing technology provider Sarine Technologies Ltd reports that it has notified US diamond industry trade organisations and leading importers, dealers and retailers of its intent to file actions to block the importation into the US of polished diamonds that were produced in violation of Sarine’s patented processes for the manufacture of such diamonds, wherever they were manufactured.

Sarine said that its resolve to defend its intellectual property has already been made well known. This includes the recently reported police action in Israel where three foreign nationals were arrested by Israeli authorities and are awaiting criminal prosecution for attempting to illegally induce employees to sell them Sarine’s trade secrets, as well as ongoing lawsuits in India against local equipment and service providers who are violating Sarine’s Indian patents and various copyrights.

Sarine said it is now seeking protection under its US patents and copyrights, which allow Sarine to file actions with relevant US authorities to preclude the importation into the US of polished diamonds, which were manufactured in an infringing manner. “It should be noted that if such infringement is found, enforcement might also involve the seizure of goods by US Customs and Border Protection,” the company said in a press note.

Sarine CEO David Block stated, "Sarine has invested significant resources over the years to obtain protection of its intellectual property in various countries and is fully committed to enforcing those rights. The ongoing illicit exploitation of intellectual property rights by less than ethical players in the diamond industry should be actively opposed by the industry as a whole and should meet with zero tolerance in all countries where the intellectual property is protected by law.”

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