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Sarine Inclusion Mapping System Scanned 10M Rough Diamonds In 2017

The Galaxy system maps inclusions in rough diamonds

Diamond processing technology provider Sarine Technologies Ltd announced that its Galaxy inclusion mapping systems scanned 10 million diamonds in 2017. Since the technology was launched in 2009, Galaxy systems have scanned over 30 million rough diamonds worldwide.

Sarine CEO David Block stated, "Having without doubt proven its value, the Galaxy solution has uniquely propelled the industry to a higher level of quality. In 2017, our loyal customer base has again clearly expressed its confidence in our Galaxy systems by significantly increasing the use of the technology in the manufacturing processes.”

He added, “We continue our commitment to delivering the world's leading inclusion mapping solutions. The new Meteorite system, targeting the smaller diamonds market, will be launched shortly, and additional upgrades based on further technological breakthroughs are planned for release later in 2018.”

Meanwhile, the company announced that it has further stepped up its enforcement initiatives against the fraudulent use of the Galaxy inclusion mapping technology. Galatea, part of the Sarine group of companies, is taking action against a manufacturer in Surat, India for its deliberate under-reporting of rough stone weights and subsequent underpayment of amounts owed to Galatea.

According to Sarine, although the illicit software manipulation was temporarily successful in under-reporting the scanned weights, Galatea’s supervision and billing software was able to identify and track the fraud. Sarine said it possesses legal proof of the fraudulent activity, and will now take legal action against the manufacturer for the damages caused.

Block observed, “The Sarine Group is taking proactive and aggressive actions aimed at protecting our intellectual property against those engaged in the use of infringing products and services or any other fraudulent use of our technologies."

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