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Sarine Displaying Diamond Tracking System At HK Show

Sarine Technologies Ltd is showcasing its Diamond Journey system, that tracks a diamond from the mine all the way through the process pipeline, at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. The company says the system using technology and data science as against self-declaration and auditing to provide information as to the diamond’s source, including whether it is ethically sourced, and whether it is new or recycled.

Sarine says the system provides:

  • Tracking capabilities across multiple manufacturers, enabling efficient sourcing.
  • Authentication by the AI-based Sarine Technology Lab, available as an optional part of the Sarine Profile report.
  • An interactive display of the diamond throughout the manufacturing process, from original rough diamond through all the stages of planning and cutting.
  • Diamond images and data featured in the Diamond Journey system, that are already acquired during the manufacturing process, therefore reducing extra costs and minimising resources.

Sarine CEO David Block noted, “The Diamond Journey solution has already generated interest among key industry players. Due to Sarine’s involvement in the entire diamond pipeline, from the rough planning stage to jewellery store, we are uniquely positioned to provide the first solution of its kind that accurately covers the entire diamond journey, from ‘mine’ to ‘it’s mine’.”

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