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Sarine Announces Mid-Stream Partners For Diamond Provenance Program

Sarine Technologies announced a list of diamond industry midstream stakeholders who are officially part of its Sarine Diamond Journey provenance tracking program. The company said more diamond firms would be added to the list in future after they had met the criteria for participation in the program.

Sarine’s initial list consists of Andre Messika Diamonds, Ashwin Diamonds, C. Dinesh, Diarough, Finestar, H&A Cutting Works, Hope International, KGK, Moti Gantz Botswana, Rosy Blue, Schachter and Namdar Namibia (pty) Ltd., Shairu Gems, Star Rays and Venus Jewels.

According to Sarine, the advantage of its system is is that it allows midstream players to source diamonds from a variety of mining firms without having to depend on the individual tracking programs of those firms.

Sarine CEO David Block commented, “With the launch of the Sarine Diamond Journey Official Partners program, we expect to have tens of thousands of Journey-documented diamonds by year-end. With over 70 million diamonds being processed by Sarine's installed base of planning systems annually, we expect the program to grow significantly in the long term.”

He added, “The creation of a significant supply chain of Sarine Diamond Journey ready diamonds will enable retailers to utilise the our reports as an integral part of the in-store or online sales experience.”

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