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Relevance Of Diamond Differs But Authenticity Resonates Globally: DPA

Jean-Marc Lieberherr at the DPA townhall meeting

Though the relevance of the diamond and the message that the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) wanted to convey is different in different geographic markets, the idea of something that signifies authenticity resonates with test audiences all around the globe, the Indian gem and jewellery industry was told by DPA Chief Executive Jean-Marc Lieberherr and DPA India Head Richa Singh, at the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) today.

Lieberherr and Singh were speaking at a Townhall meeting arranged by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC).

While US audiences didn’t think the idea of something lasting forever gelled with what was evident to them in their lives, the idea that something could signify the authenticity of a relationship, no matter how short a time it lasted, was something they could relate to. In China, where society was more traditional, the idea that something could demonstrate a real connection with one’s spouse or with friends even, rang true. In India, with its arranged marriages, the idea that something could signify a relationship that was more than a socially approved connection meant a lot to women.

While the DPA’s campaigns prominently feature solitaire-size diamonds and videos that are based on romantic love, Lieberherr explained that this did not mean only a single category was being pushed or that one type of situation was being envisaged. The idea, he said, was to first start getting people to equate the diamond with a symbol of authenticity. The idea of a diamond as a symbol of romantic love was foremost in consumer minds and so that particular segment was being used as a platform to push the idea of the diamond as a symbol of something authentic.

Lieberherr explained that the DPA planned a campaign targeting self-purchases by women in the US this fall. Likewise, other categories including jewellery featuring smaller diamonds and situations outside romantic couples would be developed.

The DPA has allocated $48 million of its 2018 budget of $70 million to the US market, $9 million to India, $10 million to China and $3 million to Europe. Of the India budget, Singh said, some $7.7 was planned in a multi-language campaign targeting the southern states and West Bengal.

She added that the initial rollout had registered some 258 million impressions across television and digital media, while 100 million impressions were registered in the consumer and corporate communications sphere. Well-know film company Yashraj films had been retained to produce four short, 10-minute films as part of the campaign.

Lieberherr noted that the US campaign had grown organically on social media to notch up a following of 44,000, while initiatives like the sponsorship of the MTV awards had made connections with younger audiences. The DPA had also had a successful tie-up with broadcasts of the winter olympics from Korea this year, with significant impressions being made by its ice-skating and snowboarding ad films.

The DPA was also working on promoting consumer confidence by running test programs with a range of detection equipment and planned a greater retailer outreach later.

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