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Real Is Rare Generic Diamond Promotion Campaign Hits Airwaves In US

The long-awaited generic diamond promotion campaign by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) featuring the tagline Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond hit the airwaves in the United States.

The campaign, the first after a hiatus of many years, is focussed on the millennial consumer and is intended to generate a reason for them to buy diamonds. The DPA’s research, conducted by the Mother agency based in New York, revealed that contrary to impressions, millennials buy the most diamonds in the US even though they don’t share the same attitude as previous generations to the necessity for a symbol to represent milestones like marriage.

The campaign works at delinking the giving of diamonds from institutions such as marriage and repositions it as being representative of real and meaningful things such as relationships that matter.

The “Runaways” video gives diamonds a place in the wild, rollercoaster world that millennials live in, while the couple in “Wild And Kind” video isn't quite sure whether they will get ever married, but remain dedicated to one another and find that diamonds represents their real and rare relationship.

Casper Balslev who directed the videos notes, “As a director, I was attracted by the theme of love as an unpolished drama. Being in a relationship can be a tough challenge, as much as an adventure. It's personal and it's intense."

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