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PGI India Campaign Harps On Value Of Friendship Inside Marriages

A still from one of the digital videos

A new campaign highlighting the value of ‘friendship’ even within the confines of a marriage has been launched by the Platinum Guild International (PGI), India, carrying the #FriendsFirst tag, to mark Friendship Day.

“Our research has shown that ‘friendship’ is extremely aspirational in a couples’ relationship both before and after marriage. Finding a best friend in your partner is rare, retaining friendship in your relationship even rarer. With this campaign, we aim to encourage couples to remember and aspire to be #FriendsFirst. Mark this friendship day as your Platinum Day of Love”, said PGI India Consumer Marketing Director Sujala Martis, while talking about the campaign.

Developed and conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney, the digital campaign features three short and three long digital videos that brings out little instances of pure friendship that exists among couples.

Commenting on the campaign, Dentsu Webchutney Executive Creative Director Pravin Sutar noted, “Friendship should outlast other emotions in a couple’s relationship, but takes a backseat more often than not. Through #FriendsFirst, we are starting a conversation that highlights the importance of friendship in a relationship through highly relatable and alluring scenarios. We are asking viewers to ponder and eventually revisit this rare bond that once was the initiator of their relationship."

This campaign will also give couples the opportunity to share their #FriendsFirst story along with a picture to win celebration vouchers. In addition to the digital videos, from August 2 to 11, the campaign will also run an in-store reward program where every customer will receive gifts on the purchase of Platinum Love Bands.

“We are excited to partner with PGI on their #FriendsFirst campaign. Apart from modern designs, platinum is of very high emotional significance to the young. This campaign is sure to hit the right chord with our consumers”. Said Joseph Prince, Director, Prince Jewellery.

“PGI has always been innovative and insightful with their campaigns. Such initiatives ensure enough and more opportunities to attract new and young customers to our stores. With the increasing popularity of the metal amongst the millennials, we are sure that this friendship day campaign coupled with exciting rewards in its offering will bring in new footfalls.” Said Siddhant Mandaliya, Director, CH Jewellers, Vadodara.

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