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Peridot Rains Down In Hawaii After Volcano Eruption


After the fiery destruction it has wrought in Hawaii, the Kilauea volcano is now causing it to rain gemstones on the island. Residents have begun finding decent-sized peridot crystals in the rubble and ash of recent eruptions and lava flows.

Volcanos are known to spew out quantities of the mineral olivine, which is magnesium iron silicate, in their eruptions. However, this is usually found in the form of a green, sandy residue.

Mount Kilauea’s eruptions, however, have thrown hot magma high into the air, where the high crystallisation temperature of olivine enables it to quickly transform into peridot crystals before hitting the ground.

Residents of Hawaii are not, however, expected to grow rich suddenly even if they collect buckets full of the gemstones. Peridot is a fairly inexpensive gemstone.

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