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NY Jeweller Who Forged Court Order Sought To Steal Software: Litigant

New details have been brought to light in the case of Michael Arnstein, CEO of The Natural Sapphire Company in New York, who pleaded guilty to forging a federal judge’s signature on a court order to try and get Google to take down negative reviews of his company and its products.

Prashant Telang, owner of TransPacific Software, who was mentioned as being sued by Arnstein for allegedly posting negative reviews about his company with a revenge motive, has written to say that Arnstein’s civil suits against him were in response to his own multiple criminal cases against Arnstein for trying to steal TransPacific's copyrighted code by offering bribes to its engineering staff.

Telang, who claims TransPacific built up The Natural Sapphire Company’s  online presence, says it was Arnstein who sought an out-of-court settlement when it became apparent that TransPacific’s case against him would prevail. The case was settled, Telang says, with Arnstein paying monetary damages to TransPacific. Telang adds that after that, he and TransPacific took no further action regarding the matter.

However, Arnstein managed to get a court order to have Google delete the negative reviews about his company and its products based on the civil suits that he had filed claiming the reviews were revenge postings.

Telang says neither he nor TransPacific Software ever wrote reviews about Arnstein’s company. It was only an allegation made by Arnstein in his civil suits against him. The negative reviews, Telang says, had come from others, possibly even genuine customers.

The negative reviews kept popping up after the settlement between his and Arnstein’s company and that was when Arnstein forged the judge’s signature to try and have all of them removed.

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