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New Sarine System Gives Consumers 3D Model Of Original Rough Diamond

Sarine Technologies Ltd announced the launch of a system it calls 3D-Origin, which generates an accurate 3D-printed model of the rough diamond from which a polished diamond verified by the company’s Sarine Journey provenance verification system, was derived. 

The 3D-Origin model is generated as an optional add-on to the Sarine Diamond Journey rough-to-polish diamond report. It uses Sarine’s proprietary Diamond Journey cloud-based data captured during the manufacturing process. It then transforms these data into a 3D-printed physical replica of the original rough stone, from which the polished diamond was manufactured.

The company said the 3D-Origin model is identical in its geometrical dimensions and features to the actual rough diamond, scaled for consumer convenience.

Sarine CEO David Block commented, “The diamond and jewellery industry is just discovering the amazing opportunities technology creates for the modern retail environment. Not just as a means of luring customers, but also to engage customers’ hearts and minds through digital storytelling of the uniquely complex process of polishing a diamond.”

He added, “Every year over 70 million diamonds undergo processes entailing Sarine’s cutting-edge technologies throughout the diamond pipeline. This distinctively positions Sarine to effectively and verifiably document the diamond as it flows through the pipeline. We now augment this documentation with our unique accurate and engaging replica of the actual rough diamond.”

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