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Japanese Jewellery Chain To Use Sarine Diamond Provenance System

Sarine Technologies Ltd. announced that Japanese bridal jewellery retailer New Art Cima Ltd. is the first retail chain in Japan to implement the Sarine Diamond Journey diamond provenance solution to enhance its customer confidence.

The system tracks a diamond through the process chain from mine all the way through to the retail counter. It includes a three-dimensional model of the original rough stone that a customer can see and touch, and a digital report that presents the transformation to the final polished gem it has become.

According to a Sarine press release, New Art Cima has grown to be the leading bridal diamond jewellery retailer in Japan. It will roll out the Sarine Diamond Journey system first in its Exelco Diamond brand stores.

New Art Cima Vice President Tetsuya Shiraishi said, "We believe that Sarine’s Diamond Journey reports will provide our customers with an enhanced shopping experience and add value to their purchase. The physical 3D model of the original stone along with the digital presentation of the diamond designing and manufacturing process will excite our customers and instil confidence in purchasing the diamond of their choice.”

Sarine CEO David Block commented, "We are honoured that New Art Cima has chosen our provenance product, and trust that it will facilitate further growth and success for them as with the Sarine Light Performance reports."

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