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Graff Unveils World’s Largest D-Flawless Heart Shaped Diamond

Graff Diamonds has unveiled what it says is the world’s largest D-Flawless heart-shaped diamond, the 118.78-carat “Graff Venus”. The diamond has been classified as being Type IIa, has an excellent polish grade and shows no fluorescence.

The polished stone was cut from a 357-carat rough diamond recovered at the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho in 2015. In a press statement, Graff Diamonds said that on viewing the stone through a loupe, “Laurence Graff knew instinctively that hidden within its depths lay the potential to create diamond history — it displayed an outstanding size, colour and clarity of the highest standard.”

The statement went on to note, “The exceptional size of the heart required the development of special tools and new technologies. The process was incredibly risky and tense.”

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