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GIA India Seminars On Lab-Grown, Coloured Diamonds At BDB

GIA India conducted two educational seminars titled “Identification and Update on Laboratory-Grown Diamonds” and “The Causes of Colour in Natural Fancy-Coloured Diamonds” at the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) on January 24.

The seminars were presented by Dr. Sally Magaña, GIA senior research scientist from Carlsbad, California. Magaña is an expert in diamond physics, treatments and laboratory-grown diamonds who has authored and co-authored numerous research articles about laboratory-grown diamonds, temperature effects on luminescence centres in natural type IIb diamonds and more. 

BDB Vice President Mehul Shah commented, “These educational seminars are very much the need of the hour. The industry is going through a lot of changes and there is a need for awareness. Such initiatives at the Bharat Diamond Bourse are always welcome. I would like for GIA India to conduct more seminars like these as the knowledge will bring a lot of transparency and help the industry grow.”

GIA India and Middle East Managing Director Nirupa Bhatt observed, “GIA has been on the cutting edge of gemological research for decades. As new gem materials and treatments emerge, our research efforts have consistently helped us give the trade the assurance of accurate and reliable reports with full disclosures.”

She added, “I want to thank Dr. Magaña for sharing the latest on laboratory-grown and fancy-coloured diamonds with members of the trade. I am sure the participants will benefit from this seminar and become more confident in buying and selling.”

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