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Gemfields Now Expanding Into Sri Lanka Gemstone Industry

Coloured gemstone miner Gemfields, with emerald mines in Zambia and Colombia and a ruby mine in Mozambique, is now seeking to expand into the Sri Lankan gemstone industry. The country is noted for a variety of gemstones including blue sapphires, cat’s eyes, alexandrites, rubies and a variety of star stones.

However, instead of setting up a mine, it is seeking to tap into Sri Lanka’s established mining industry and offer gemstones through its now established auction platforms. Gemfields believes it can add value to the Sri Lankan gemstone industry through its technical capabilities, proprietary grading and marketing system.

The company has, through its subsidiary Ratnapura Lanka Gemstones, invited expressions of interest from Sri Lankan mining companies with a view to establishing an organised supply chain in the country’s gemstone industry.

Gemfields chief executive Ian Harebottle said, “We are optimistic we will be able to bring our proven-expertise to this already-established market for the benefit of local mining communities and the Sri Lankan gemstone industry.”

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