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Gemfields Emerald Auction Features ‘DNA’ Tracking System

Coloured gemstone producer announced it has once again partnered with Gübelin Gem Lab to embed nanoparticles proving origin into all emeralds for sale at the upcoming auction in Lusaka, Zambia from May 15 to 18, to drive greater levels of transparency in the coloured gemstone sector.

According to Gemfields, there is no global system to accurately track a coloured gemstone from mine to market, mainly because the sector is traditionally driven and largely artisanal. Trading is often very secretive. The company said it is actively seeking solutions to bring greater transparency to the sector.

Gemfields said the Gübelin Gem Lab’s solution is set to bring about a major change because it allows a brand or consumer to physically check the origins of a gemstone by using a synthetic ‘DNA nanotechnology’.

The Gübelin Gem Lab creates a synthetic nanotechnology code containing key information about the origins of the rough gemstones, such as the miner, the mine location and the date the gemstones were mined. This means that each set of nanotechnology code is absolutely unique to that miner, mine location and date. In turn, this allows end customers to verify the code with the Gübelin Gem Lab and be confident of the origin of their emerald.

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