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Gemesis Changes to 'Pure Grown Diamonds Inc.'

Gemesis Inc. has now been rebranded as Pure Grown Diamonds Inc. effective June 27. Pure Grown Diamonds will continue to provide man-made diamonds to the retail and wholesale trade.

Newly appointed CEO, Lisa Bissell, who is leading the new campaign said, “Each of us in the diamond industry is proud of our values, especially of honesty and disclosure. Lab-grown diamonds are truly innovative and represent an incredible category. The new name reinforces our commitment to disclosure and transparency.”

Pure Grown Diamonds will embrace disclosure, education and training, according to Bissell. "We will continue working to make lab-grown diamonds a choice for consumers and a valuable opportunity for the industry. Offering lab-grown diamonds that are certified and sustainable also supports existing industry commitments to responsible sourcing.”

Pure Grown Diamonds operates as a privately held company based in New York and manufactures type IIa, gem-quality laboratory grown diamonds and also manufactures jewellery.

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