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Forevermark To Run ‘Ever Us’ Two-Stone Jewellery Campaign

De Beers jewellery brand Forevermark has adopted the “Ever Us” campaign run by Signet Jewelers over the 2015 holiday season and the first three months of this year for its 2016 holiday season promotions.

The Signet campaign has included some Forevermark collections, but now, with permission from Signet, Forevermark says it will run an independent campaign to promote a range of two-stone jewellery. The campaign resulted in growth over the last holiday season and the first quarter of this year for Signet.

Forevermark is also planning to run its “The One” campaign from last year that features the “A Diamond Is Forever” slogan. It is also planning a “Seize The Day” campaign to encourage men to buy diamonds for their significant others from seven Forevermark product lines.

In addition to this, Forevermark will launch a range of single round-cut and fancy-shape diamonds in what it calls the “Black Label” collection. The line will feature square, round, cushion, oval and heart shapes. According to De Beers, the new line is in response to market research that indicated that millennial customers wanted more fancy shapes.

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The two-stone jewellery campaign of forevermark is super cool!