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Farbegé Watch Features Carved Rough Emerald From Kagem

Luxury brand Fabergé, which is owned by coloured gemstone producer Gemfields, has unveiled the Lady Libertine I wristwatch that features carved rough emeralds on its face along with cut and polished stones, highlighting the product from its Kagem emerald mine in Zambia.

Gemfields said the hand-carved rough emerald, represents the regions rivers, with the banks outlined in fine gold filigree and the land brought to life by cut and polished emeralds and diamonds, depicting the light play over the African landscape. The result is framed in an 18 karat rose gold case with 1.84 carats of brilliant cut diamonds adorning the bezel.

The wristwatch has been displayed with the Inkalamu (Lion) emerald, a high quality 5,655-carat (1.13 kg) rough emerald unearthed at the Kagem mine (pictured here).

“Rough emerald is very fragile and is rarely used in the watch industry,” says Aurelie Picaud, Fabergé’s director of timepieces. “Our work-masters hand carved the stone very carefully, drawing out the beauty of each rough emerald. The result is a unique and fitting tribute to the sweeping savannahs, striking earth colours and lush green landscapes that contribute to the glory of Africa.”

According to Gemfields, the concept took shape when Fabergé and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, founder of Geneva-based watch movement creator Agenhor visited the Kagem mine. The group were inspired as they watched natural emeralds touch human hands for the first time in 500 million years.

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