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Ex-Leo Schachter Exec Rebecca Foerster To Head ALROSA US Operations

Rebecca Foerster

Rebecca Foerster, until recently the Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing at New York's Leo Schachter Diamonds, has been appointed President of ALROSA’s US operations. 

Foerster will be principally responsible for the development of polished diamonds sales and customer service for ALROSA USA Inc.

Foerster has worked at Leo Schachter Diamonds since 2014. Prior to that, she was, from 2007, Vice President at the US Representative office of Rio Tinto. Previous experience includes being from 1998-2007, Vice President of marketing for Frederick Goldman Inc., a New York jewellery manufacturer specialising in the bridal market and brand development, as well as working at advertising agencies and corporations such as Revlon, Unilever and Benckiser in strategic marketing and branding positions for over 15 years.

"The United States is the world's largest market for diamond jewellery consumption. For this reason, special requirements are placed on the person who will represent ALROSA's interests there. Ms. Foerster has a wealth of experience in companies that represent almost all parts of the diamond pipeline, from diamond mining to diamond jewellery sales,” said ALROSA Deputy CEO Yury Okoemov.

He added, “She knows the specifics of the diamond business  and is well aware of American market needs. We are certainly glad that Ms. Foerster has joined our team. We believe that her experience and expertise will best help to solve our US company's tasks.”

ALROSA's office in New York was opened in 2006, but since 2016, it has not been operating for organisational reasons. Full-scale operations were resumed in 2018, when two rough diamond auctions were held there. This year, ALROSA plans to hold four rough diamond auctions in New York and significantly increase its office activity in selling its own polished diamonds.

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