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Dutch Diamond Technologies Grows Entire CVD Diamond Ring

Dutch Diamond Technologies announced it has created the world’s first ring that is entirely made from a lab-grown diamond. The 3,865-carat ring has been made from a 155 carat rough CVD lab-grown diamond, which was polished using laser cutting and traditional techniques into a ring with 133 facets.

It has been graded by HRD Antwerp as E, VVS2, with no fluorescence, with Very Good Polish and Excellent Symmetry.

It wasn’t until 2017 that it became technically possible to grow large enough mono-crystalline lab-grown diamond plates. ‘Project D’ as it is called, took a year to manufacture and was created to mark the company’s 10th anniversary.

This is not the first ring to be created from a single diamond. In 2011, Swiss jeweller Shawish unveiled the world’s first wearable ring made from a single crystal of natural diamond. Additionally, another lab-grown ‘all diamond’ ring, called (RED), has been conceived by the Diamond Foundry, but Dutch Diamond Technologies says as far as it is aware, the production phase has not yet started.

Company CEO Ton Janssen said, “It’s a true ‘European’ ring — grown in Germany, cut in the Netherlands and graded by HRD Antwerp in Belgium.”

According to a company press release, the quality and carat weight of CVD synthetic diamonds has increased drastically over the last ten years, taking up to 5 weeks to grow a diamond plate of this exceptional size in a laboratory.

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