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DPA Paid Media Campaign Garners 1.5B Impressions, Boosts Consumer Ties

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA), said in a press statement that its inaugural paid media campaigns have garnered 1.5 billion media impressions among its target consumer audience — those aged 21 to 34 — during the first 12 months of advertising.

The DPA said it had spent $40 million on the campaigns between June 2017 and June 2018. Television and digital video (43 percent) and digital and social media (42 percent) were a major focus of investment. Print (10 percent) and strategic out-of-home including cinema (5 percent) rounded out the mix. The media reached 98 percent of its core audience — on average 20 times over the course of the year.

The DPA said that according to an independent, cross-media study by Kantar Millward Brown (KMB), each individual channel played a role in driving positive perceptions of and affinity for diamonds. Collectively, sentiments such as favourability, interest in acquisition and love for diamonds increased significantly.

In terms of creative effectiveness, the DPA said its latest emotional storytelling assets, The Other Party and Reveal, generated a significant increase in consideration of diamonds for purchase, as well as favourable opinions of diamonds and love for diamonds. Specific metrics include:

  • Consideration of diamond jewellery purchase ( more than 81 percent as per the KMB top 2 box norm).
  • Campaign likability (more than 6 points as per the KMB norm).

“The creative effectively connected with consumers through emotion-led storytelling that showed diamonds as an authentic symbol of our most precious relationships and meaningful connections,” said DPA Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Marquardt.

She added, “We are very pleased with the results, which confirm we are moving the needle on consumer sentiment. We see desire for diamonds improving, with consumers saying that diamonds are the ultimate gift of love, and an important part of rare and special relationships.”

The press note said that based on this strong performance, the DPA’s board of directors has demonstrated its commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the platform by raising DPA’s annual global budget to $70 million, of which $50 million is invested in the US in paid media, PR programs, research, education and advocacy initiatives.

The DPA said it will spend roughly $20 million between July and December of this year on paid media. Building on the current momentum, it plans to keep the current campaign in-market through the end of Q4 and will debut new campaign assets in late Q3 with female self-purchasers in mind.

Marquardt concluded, “We recognise that we are still in the beginning stage of a long consumer journey. We are learning as we go, and look forward to continued engagement and partnership with the industry and other stakeholders to inform our path forward.”

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