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Diamond Industry Support Essential For Responsible Sourcing, Says DDI

The diamond industry’s financial support was essential for the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) to promote responsible sourcing, said DDI chairman Ian Smillie.

Acknowledging a financial contribution to the DDI from long-time supporter and Paris-based diamantaire Rubel & Ménasché, Smillie said, "Donors such as Rubel & Ménasché are essential to our efforts to promote responsible sourcing and improve the conditions of thousands of artisanal diamond miners and their families. We are grateful for their commitment to this cause and their ongoing, dedicated support.”

Elodie Daguzan, the head of communications and industry relations at Rubel & Ménasché, said the work of the DDI aligns with the company's priorities. "We care about the integrity of the diamond supply chain, and we recognise the important role of artisanal miners. We are proud to contribute to the efforts of the DDI to improve this sector for everybody concerned,” Daguzan said.

The DDI's programming includes the registration of artisanal miners, the organisation of cooperatives, the implementation of the Maendeleo Diamond Standards certification system, development support such as mobile schooling for mining communities, and participation in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

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