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De Beers Tracr Provenance System Begins Transition To Beta Platform

Tracr, the diamond provenance platform being developed by De Beers in collaboration with the diamond industry, today launched the Tracr Community, an educational resource and collaboration space for all Tracr-related topics. The Tracr Community will enable industry participants to prepare for the Tracr Beta Platform, which will be launched over the summer.

De Beers said that as the Tracr Community develops, it will also serve as a knowledge base for data standards, technical readiness and process best practices that will allow for seamless integration with the Tracr platform.

It added that the Tracr’s Community launch is the signal to the diamond industry that the platform’s forming phase has ended. Now begins the migration to the Beta Platform which is the industry grade solution. As the Tracr ecosystem grows, the community will become a vibrant environment for communication, collaboration and education of the wider diamond industry for the topics of provenance, authenticity and traceability. 

Tracr CEO Jim Duffy said, “As industry adoption of Tracr grows, we will continue to raise awareness for the requirements of traceability, authenticity and provenance of diamonds. Creating a community portal for the industry to interact and learn about Tracr is an important step to ensure that the Tracr Platform is established with the entire industry in mind, whilst enhancing consumer trust.

He added, “We’re very excited to be working with an increasing number of industry leading companies from across the entire value chain. Tracr is quickly becoming digital infrastructure for the diamond industry by creating a robust data sharing ecosystem that both responds to consumer requirements while simultaneously driving better business efficiency.”

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