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CIBJO Vice President Eli Avidar Quits To Run For Political Office

Eli Avidar (left) with Gaetano Cavalieri

World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO Vice President Eli Avidar has resigned his position, announcing that he plans to run for national political office during the upcoming parliamentary elections for the Israeli Knesset, which will take place on April 9.

"Five years ago I had the honour and the privilege to be invited to join the CIBJO board of directors by the President Gaetano Cavalieri and was given the opportunity to serve as Vice President. In 2007 I left the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where I had served as a career diplomat, to join the diamond industry. Now 12 years later, I feel compelled to go back and serve my people, as an elected member of the Israeli Knesset."

"I greatly value my time in the industry, and in particular the period I served as a CIBJO officer," Avidar continued. "In particular I feel indebted to Gaetano, who taught me a great deal about the meaning of leadership. I am privileged consider him a dear friend."

Cavalieri said, ”It is with regret that we we accept Eli's resignation, but we applaud his reasons for doing so. There is no higher calling than public office, and from our experience, Eli has the commitment, knowledge, skills, talent and motivation to be a tremendous parliamentarian. Our loss will be his country's gain. We wish him the very best of luck."

In addition to his position at CIBJO, until 2018, Avidar and served as Executive Director of the Israel Diamond Exchange and Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Institute. 

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