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Chaim Even-Zohar Announces Retirement From Diamond Industry

Chaim Even-Zohar

Veteran diamond industry analyst Chaim Even-Zohar has announced that he will be retiring and exiting the industry. He said that he planned to sell his industry benchmark Diamond Intelligence Briefings (DIB) most probably to an Asian buyer. In a letter to subscribers, the DIB publisher said that since he is now in his 70s, and after 45 years in the industry, the time has come to rearrange his life priorities.

Even-Zohar has been a global industry fixture, an extraordinary investigative journalist and go-to person to referee or moderate industry seminars and discussions on issues of importance for decades. He has written investigative articles that have rocked the industry and delivered clear analysis and opinions on issues. His articles have been carried frequently by GEMKonnect.

Even-Zohar said that working around the clock, being on the road continuously and often being subject to legal and physical threats had taken its toll and influenced his decision to exit the Industry. 

World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) President Ernie Blom has expressed his appreciation for Even-Zohar’s long-standing work, observing, "I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that Chaim Even-Zohar has had a huge impact on the diamond business for the past several decades . His breaking of big news and other work based on exceptional research and contacts made him a hugely important figure in our business right around the globe.”

He added, ”I have known Chaim for many years, and always found him to be a person of integrity who was determined to get to the very root of stories. He would not be put off by threats, and declined to take advertisers so that he would not need to take commercial interests into account when reporting. The DIB, which so many of have looked forward to receiving every week, will be sorely missed, and Chaim will be missed even more, I am sure. On behalf of the WFDB, I send him best wishes for a long and enjoyable retirement.”

GEMKonnect wishes Chaim Even-Zohar all the very best.

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