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ALROSA Unearths 118.91-Carat Diamond At Mirny International Pipe

The plant at ALROSA's International kimberlite pipe

ALROSA said it had extracted a light yellow 118.91-carat diamond at its International kimberlite pipe in its Mirny mining and processing division that includes the Mir mine, on April 16. The stone is largest uncovered at the deposit in the last two years. Previously, a 109.61-carat diamond was extracted at the mine in the summer of 2017.

As the stone was unearthed on the eve of the start of mining operations at ALROSA’s new Zarya pipe, the company says it is considering naming it after the latter.

ALROSA United Selling Organisation Director Evgeny Agureev commented, “This crystal is unique as it has a large clean area despite inclusions in the centre. This makes it a gem-quality diamond. Well-known hallmarks of the diamonds from the International kimberlite pipe are regular shapes and purity. This is the pipe that most often brings  ALROSA regular-shape octahedrons with smooth edges.”

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