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ALROSA Recovers Two More Large Rough Diamonds At Its Yubileynaya Pipe

Both the 97.92-carat (left) and 85.62-carat diamonds are yellow-hued

ALROSA announced that it had recovered two gem-quality rough diamonds weighing 97.92 carats and 85.62 carats, from the Yubileynaya pipe at its Aikhal mine.

The 97.92 carat rough diamond is a transparent, yellow-hued octahedron crystal while the 85.62-carat stone, is also transparent and yellow-hued, but with an isometric octahedron shape.

Evgeny Agureev, Director of ALROSA’s rough sales arm, the United Selling Organisation (USO), said, "We are happy to announce these new findings. Large stones over 50 carats are very rare. Such diamonds are traditionally sold at auctions where they are in good demand. ALROSA manufactures the rarest and clearest diamonds at its own cutting division DIAMONDS ALROSA and sells them on its own."

The Yubileynaya pipe was discovered in 1975 and ranks among the largest primary diamond deposits both in Yakutia and abroad. The deposit has traditionally yielded the most large diamonds for ALROSA.

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