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ALROSA Large-Size Rough Diamond Auction At Vladivostok Fetches $9.65M

ALROSA said it had realised $9.65 million from the auction at its Vladivostok centre, of ‘special size’ (larger than 10.8 carats) rough diamonds. The auction ran from April 8 to 19 and saw 29 companies from Belgium, India, Israel, the UAE, the US, Hong Kong and Russia participating.

A total of 150 diamonds with a combined weight of 2,481.9 carats were presented. Of these, 121 stones weighing a combined 2,030.32 carats were sold. There were two especially large diamonds sold — one weighing 58.92 and the other 41.48 carats.

“This diamond auction again showed decent results. We selected stones of good colour and quality, and got high revenues of nearly $10 million. This is a good result, and we plan to further develop our sales here,” said ALROSA United Selling Organisation Director Evgeny Agureev.

ALROSA plans another two rough diamond auctions this year at its Vladivostok centre. 

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