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ALROSA Large-Size Rough Auction At Vladivostok Brings In $14.8M

Russian state-controlled diamond miner ALROSA’s rough sales arm, the United Selling Organisation (USO), announced that it had sold all 45 lots totalling 1,293 carats, of large-sized rough (in excess of 10.8 carats each) at the auction it held within the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) at Vladivostok, for a total of $14.8 million.

ALROSA Vice President Yury Okoyomov observed, ”Like last year, we note a high interest in the auction. About 50 companies from the US, India, Israel, Belgium, China and UAE participated in it. The most expensive lot was sold for nearly $1.75 million.”

The rough diamond auction took place on September 7, with viewing having started on August 21.

ALROSA’s polished sales arm, DIAMONDS ALROSA, also reported that 33 of 36 diamonds that it had put up for auction from stones that had been cut and polished by the company itself, sold at the September 5 auction. The diamonds, ranging in size from 2 t o 12 carats, went for a total of $1.7 million. 

"Almost all diamonds we offered at the auction were sold at significant premium to the starting price,” noted DIAMONDS ALROSA Director Pavel Vinikhin.

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