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ALROSA Employee, Associates Held For Diamond Theft From Sales Arm 

Russian police uncovered a criminal ring that had stolen millions of dollars worth of diamonds over an extended period of time from the miner. The ring comprised a female employee of ALROSA who worked at the United Selling Organisation, the miner’s rough diamond sales arm, and two outside associates — one an intermediary and the other who sold the stolen goods. 

Police apprehended the employee on Monday when she attempted to leave the premises of ALROSA with RUB 22 million ($340,000) worth of stolen diamonds on her person. Police raids at her home and the homes of her associates resulted in the recovery of over $2.5 million in cash and about $3 million in stolen diamonds, along with diamond-encrusted watches and jewellery.

The mining company issued a statement saying, ”ALROSA completely confirms information from Russia's FSB (security service) about the interception of an extensive scheme to steal rough diamonds in the company's United Selling Organisation.”

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