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ALROSA Earmarks $466M For 5-Year Environmental Protection Plan

ALROSA announced it would spend almost RUB 6 billion ($93.1 million) on environmental protection in 2019. The company said it planned a total spend of nearly RUB 30 billion ($465.6 million) in a five-year period to 2023.

“Last year, ALROSA’s Integrated Environmental Protection Program for 2011-2018 expired. This year, the Environmental Center presented an expanded program for 2019-2023. ALROSA will strengthen measures to protect the environment and ensure environmental safety in Yakutia,” said Polina Anisimova, Head of ALROSA’s Environmental Center. 

The program envisages initiatives to abate the impact of noise and vibration, ensuring the radiation safety of the environment, protecting atmospheric air and reducing overall negative impact on climate change.

As part of water bodies’ protection, the company organises the collection and treatment of waste-water. There are also measures for the protection of surface and groundwater. Starting from the current year, the production control program includes studies of waste-water quality at all the company’s sites connected to centralised sewerage systems.

ALROSA also plans to sign agreements for the neutralisation and disposal of hazardous waste. This will help to create a one-size-fits-all approach to the safe management of waste. The company will continue to increase the involvement of waste in secondary energy resources, which is expected to impart not only a positive environmental effect, but also yield an economic benefit.

There are social and ecological measures, which include the signing of agreements with the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the National Fund Bargary (Revival), the Directorate of Biological Resources and Specially Protected Natural Territories Department of the Ministry of Environment of Yakutia. 

The company said it will continue to support the unique Living Diamonds of Yakutia natural park, to expand the list of fish species for stocking Yakut rivers. The company also plans to sign ethnological agreement on indemnification with the Oleneksky district, and will provide recreational payments.

ALROSA said will also continue to organise contests, promotions, excursions and other activities to promote environmental protection and ensure environmental safety.

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