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ALROSA Consolidated Environmental Work, Spent $70M In 2017

ALROSA's production township at Udachny

Russian diamond mining major ALROSA said it had spent RUB 4.4 billion ($70 million) in 2017 on environmental programs. The company named two major projects it termed as being of special importance.

The first was the restoration of sewage treatment facilities in the town of Udachny, where one of its major mines is located. The treatment facility, with a capacity of 15,000 cubic metres a day, is of strategic importance to the local fisheries, requiring special protection of rivers in the region. The facility’s restoration allowed the additional clean-up of effluents so that they were compliant with the threshold levels for fish reservoirs.

The second project involved the construction of a centre to pump quarry and drainage waters from ALROSA’s Mir underground mine to its western fissure. A return pumping complex and a network of pressure wells were constructed to prevent the seepage of mineralised water with surface debris into the local landscape. Now, water from the Metegero-Ichersky underground reservoir comes back without harming the environment.

ALROSA also worked on anti-poaching initiatives to preserve the region’s biodiveristy, installing access barriers, organising round-the-clock posts on roads and having its employees participate in law-enforcement raids against illegal hunting or fishing.

The company said that a notable achievement during the year was the creation of a unified Environmental Centre for all of its operations in a variety of geographies.

Environmental Centre Head Polina Anisimova commented, ”Protection of the environment is one of the most important areas of ALROSA's work. The company's task in this area consists not only in minimising any impact on nature but in helping to resolve existing problems in the region.”

She added, “ALROSA is also simultaneously implementing a whole range of long-term projects like gradually transferring its machinery to operate on more environment-friendly natural gas and introducing energy-saving technologies. Our aim is to preserve nature and the beauty of Yakutia for many years.”

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