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ALROSA Completes Sale Of ‘Dynasty’ Diamond Collection, Earns $10M

ALROSA announced that it had sold the central 51.38-carat diamond in its five-stone ‘Dynasty’ collection of polished manufactured in-house from a single 179-carat rough diamond recovered from the Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe in Yakutia.

Though it did not disclose the price fetched by the stone, ALROSA said it is the most expensive stone it has sold from its own production. The four other stones in the collection were sold at auction in November last year. The collection has fetched $10 million in total, the company said.

ALROSA Chief Executive Sergey Ivanov commented, "We are happy to announce the successful sale of the whole Dynasty collection. For ALROSA it was the first experience of creating our own collection of diamonds, of a road show in different countries worldwide, and of the sale on an electronic platform. Today we can finally say that this experience has become a success for the company. We will keep on working and introducing new diamond collections to the market.”

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