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ALROSA Auctioning Large-Size Rough & Polished At Vladivostok

Russian diamond miner ALROSA is holding two auctions for the sale of rough and polished diamonds within the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), at Vladivostok over September 6 and 7.

ALROSA’s sales arm, the United Selling Organisation (USO), has been auctioning rough diamonds larger than 10.8 carats from August 24 this year. A total of 45 stones, together weighing 1,294 carats have been put up for sale. The largest stone weighs 75.75 carats. About 80 companies from the US, China, India, Israel and Belgium have been participating in the auction.

"Large rough diamonds weighing over 10.8 carats are solely sold at auctions and are always in great demand. Diamonds of this size range are set up for the auction in Vladivostok. The first auctions at our Far East trading platform were held during the EEF 2016. Based on the result of sales, we have seen the interest of clients from Asia Pacific. This year we expect good results given a strong demand", said ALROSA Vice President Yury Okoyomov.

In addition to the rough auctions, DIAMONDS ALROSA, the company’s cutting and polishing arm, has from August 22, been offering polished diamonds ranging from 2 to 12 carats for sale. The largest stone in this lot is a 12.18-carat emerald-cut diamond. Other polished on offer range from the usual round brilliants through asscher, princess, radiant and pillow cuts. One of the diamonds has fancy yellow colour. 

"This is our second auction within the Eastern Economic Forum. We sold all lots at a significant premium during our first trial diamond auction last year. This year we are offering a rather wide assortment of diamond cuts, which undoubtedly might interest our potential buyers", said DIAMONDS ALROSA Director Pavel Vinikhin. 

The first auctions of rough and polished diamonds in Vladivostok took place in the Eurasian Diamond Centre launched in September 2016. A total of 421,400 carats of rough and polished were sold. In the first quarter of 2017,  440,400 carats of rough and polished have been sold.

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