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$6M New Year’s Eve Jewellery Heist At KGK Holdings Store In New York

Three men broke into Gregg Ruth, a commercial jewellery store owned by jewellery wholesaler KGK Holdings at 70, West 36th Street in New York, on New Year’s eve and stole $6 million worth of diamond jewellery, according to media reports.

Police suspect an inside job as the thieves didn’t have to crack any of the safes once they were in — one safe was in fact left unlocked.

Surveillance video footage shows an unmasked bearded white male wearing a hoodie and a backpack banging a hammer for several seconds, looking straight into the camera. One accomplice, wearing a hoodie and a face mask, made repeated attempts to break the surveillance camera with a hammer.

The men entered the building through its freight entrance at 10 pm, while revellers gathered at Times Square and went up to the sixth floor offices of Gregg Ruth.

They however, waited till 12:01 am to effect the break-in with a hammer and a crow-bar, possibly using the noise of the nearby revelry as a cover.

There were 7,000 NYPD officers on hand to maintain order at Times Square, half a mile away, where an estimated 2 million people attended the revelry when the heist took place.

Security forces also had placed 65 sand-filled sanitation trucks and 100 police vehicles to serve as blockers after terrorist truck attacks in Europe.

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