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14.93-Carat Pink Diamond Sells For $32M At Christie’s Hong Kong Sale

A 14.93-carat Fancy Vivid VVS1 oval pink diamond known as The Pink Promise, sold at the November 28 Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Hong Kong auction for $31,861,000 — approximately $2.13 million per carat.

Described by Christie’s as the “Picasso of the pink diamond world”, the stone, set in a platinum ring and surrounded by white diamonds, was originally bought for an undisclosed by gemologist and jeweller Stephen Silver in 2013. It was then a 16.21-carat Fancy Intense pink.

Silver believed that it could, however, achieve the higher Fancy Vivid Pink rating, if it was recut to allow more light into it. He consulted a master diamond cutter and the recut was planned for years. The huge risk paid off when, after having lost a whopping 1.28 carats in the recut, the stone was not only re-certified by the GIA as a Fancy Vivid Pink, it moved up to a VVS1 clarity grade.

The saga of the promise that a recut would yield a brighter, more intense stone, gave the diamond its name. With a pre-sale estimate of between $28- and $42 million, the diamond fell just short of the absolute per-carat record for pink diamonds of $2,155,332 per carat set by a cushion-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink 5-carat diamond in the December 2009 sale at Christie’s in Hong Kong.

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