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Diamonds & Millennials: Understand The WHY & The WHAT Will Be Answered

Reena Ahluwalia presenting at the Design Inspirations seminar
organised by the GJEPC

What are the diamond jewellery trends that are shaping up the North American Millennial market in 2017?  

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The Diamond & Gemstone Dealer Who Mentored Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (left) and Shrimad Rajchandra

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Thank you for sharing this article, its an awesome play shattering all the dogmatic beliefs that religion / spirituality and work / business cannot go hand in hand.... MUST WATCH FOR ALL.

The Link Between US Visa Rules And Jewellery Consumption In India

US President Donald Trump’s plan to tighten immigration and the rules for H-1B visas, has the potential to impact jewellery consumption in India — in the immediate future at least. The consumption of jewellery requires economic prosperity. The US H-1B visa has delivered substantial economic prosperity to a large number of Indians.

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