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Selfridges Revolution & Jewellery’s Disconnect With The Apple Experience

If Harry Gordon Selfridge knew one thing, it’s that retail success comes not necessarily from what you sell, but how you sell it.

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Consumers Care — & They Want To Be Involved In Process Transparency

We are all consumers. On a daily basis we make informed decisions on where we chose to shop, what we buy and how much we are going to spend. And all of us in the jewellery industry rely upon the consumer directly or indirectly for our livelihoods.

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Well said. Every manufacturer must, to begin with, ensure that the gold, diamonds and gemstones they use is conflict free and demand that it be tracked down to its origin. Also choose genuine suppliers who keep the Best Practice Principles implemented throughout. I also think if manufacturers and dealers of our industry make transparency their USP and advocate it to their counterparts, the idea will have a good start. As for the knowledge of the consumer, someone rather everyone has to market the information very well. Be it any media the Internet, the Print media, the Digital display or at the point of sale; information must be made available to the consumer. People do read. If the summary of a company on the website or an editorials in the magazine just add a few must needed lines of information for people, it can do wonders and educate them.

Blurred Lines: Now Moissanite Masquerades As Lab-Grown Diamond

What goes round, comes around. Here’s proof that trying to palm off lab-grown diamonds as natural stones leads to disaster for everyone — including the fraudsters themselves. The whole house could come tumbling down

The idea of trying to pass a lab-grown diamond off as a natural is to benefit from the extra price the natural stone fetches. But here’s a different angle. Use moissanite instead. Sell  it cheap, but claim it is a lab-grown diamond!

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Great article! But i have doubt. Being a designer my long-term goal is to create my name in diamond jewellery with transparent pricing. So does this mean we designers have an alternative as Astralite Moissanites and we should switch to this as it has a greater market in the near future? Will this decrease the value of natural diamonds as there are ethical issues arising? Or would this be a completely different market prevailing side by side the natural diamond market?
lab grown diamonds are no patch to the real brialliant sheen
We have been a green establishment since 1982 selling conflict free natural diamond and offering Moissanite to our clients since 1998 not as synthetic diamond but as an alternative to it, also Gemesis Lab created diamond with laser and GIA inscription on girdle. In my opinion it is not blurred but simply unscrupulous to pass Moissanite as diamond.
Whats' most disturbing is that so many fall for the scam.