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Rolls-Royce Axles Never Break, But Diamonds Need Strong Medicine

There are a number of variations of the apocryphal Rolls-Royce story. The owner of a Rolls broke an axle while driving in the African desert. He cabled Rolls-Royce and in a very short while, a repair team flew in with a replacement axle. When he hadn’t received a bill for the repair after six months, the man enquired with the company. He was told, “There must be some mistake sir, Rolls-Royce axles never break!”

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The Lost Chord — Why Civil Society Is Essential To Diamonds

And it lay on my fever'd spirit with a touch of infinite calm.

It quieted pain and sorrow like love overcoming strife,

It seem'd the harmonious echo from our discordant life.

It link'd all perplexed meanings into one perfect peace

And trembled away into silence as if it were loth to cease;

I have sought, but I seek it vainly, that one lost chord divine

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Skewed Perceptions: $550,00 For A Cartoon, 70% Discounts For Jewellery

The perception of value isn’t simply a matrix of rarity, beauty and high price. It is in fact, one of those undefinable issues.The jewellery retail industry doesn’t seem to know what it is right now. Cartoon collectors on the other hand, seem very sure about what value is. And they’re willing to put their money down on their perceptions.

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Vinods rightly identified a situation where the U.S. and UK mass merchandisers have lead the field in discounting their product to an extent that seems to disrespect not only the product they sell but the consumer they target . They have created a time warp of cliched predictable marketing wherby the discount is the draw rather than the originality or appeal of their jewellery product it's no wonder that the Pandoras and other purveyors of beads and trinkets are encroaching more and more on their territory and it will take much more imaginative marketing than deep Black Friday discounts to reverse this trend .