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Rough Diamond Valuation Is Critical For The Industry

The issue of creating a mechanism for the valuation of diamonds produced by artisanal and other miners in Africa in order to provide them with fair value for their stones was one of the major debates that took place at during the KP Plenary meeting in Dubai last week — and rightly so. The KP Chair and his team have been working hard on this issue during 2016, inviting a wide range of industry experts to meetings on the subject.

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Global Diamond Industry Has Leadership Framework — We Must Help Ourselves

Last Tuesday, Russell Mehta, one of the leaders of the Indian and the world diamond industry, published an excellent blog ‘Collective Leadership: Crisis of The Hour For The Diamond Industry’, in which he singled out the lack of collective leadership in tackling the big issues as the biggest problem facing us all today.

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No Tolerance And No Leniency For Wrong-Doers

The recent case in which employees of the Indian technology company the GIA uses to maintain its secure database allegedly fraudulently upgraded the reports of just over 1,000 diamonds that were submitted to the GIA for grading, clearly sets off alarm bells. We cannot but be horrified at the details published about this case. 

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