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Art Encapsulates History, Culture And Preserves Value — It Should Enfold Diamonds Too

The author (left) with the Maharaja of 
Bhavnagar's silver carriage (1915) from the
collection of Prof. Nasser David Khalili (right)

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Beautifully said...thank you. Art is the differentiator for products, especially in the luxury segment, more so for diamond jewellery. Art is what would keep diamond jewellery ahead, and top of mind (irrespective of price points !) Art is inclusive of quality of finish as both are complementary. How does one associate with the World Diamond Musuem project please ?

India Leads in Building Confidence in Diamonds – Belgium and Israel Have to Follow

In response to what Sanjay Kothari said in his “Crunch time for the global diamond industry” blog here, I have two emphatic statements to make. The first is that I fully endorse Kothari’s call for house cleaning within the industry. Transparency, honesty and dependability are key attributes if we are to generate consumer confidence in the world diamond industry.

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Why Leonardo DiCaprio is Right

DiCaprio with children from the SOS Children’s Village in Maputo,
Mozambique during the filming of Blood Diamond

In the past months,  there has been great deal of hype around Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities’ decision to invest in the Diamond Foundry, the synthetic diamond manufacturer.

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Marketing and public relation are essential but the end does not always justify the means. Leonardo DiCaprio and may have made an excellent decision for himself and the other investors in The Diamond Foundry, but it is one that is disingenuous and morally apathetic. What he suggests that you should avoid the mistreatment of innocents in Africa by not buying from Africa at all. That is like saying you can prevent the mistreatment of minorities in the workplace by never hiring minorities in the first place. While he proposes to provide solutions for affluent Western consumers, whose jewelry definitely would not be tainted by conflict diamonds, he at the same time has exacerbated the plight of literally million in Africa whose diamond resources would no longer represent a pathway to economic and social well being. The problem is not synthetic diamonds, which are legitimate and deserve to find their place in the market. The problem is how they are being marketed.
Dear Mr. Popov - I'd like to thank you for this very insightful post (and Steven for your great comment). The sentence that caught my eye the most was in your conclusion - "or we can do something about it and use it to our advantage." I'd like to share some groundbreaking work in this area that will definitely pique your interest. Please contact me via email - at your earliest convenience. Reference: