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Learning From The Best To Take A Bite Out Of Apple

On Friday, September 25, Apple formally launched the sale of it newest generation iPhones — the 6s and 6s Plus. As was the case with previous launches, thousands of aficionados camped outside Apple stores for the opportunity of being among the first users of the company’s newest smartphones.

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I do like the tips...It's, as always, easier said than done...but still, worth trying!

Is The Industry Prepared To Seize The Moment?

There are many in the industry who were relieved to bid farewell to 2015. I understand their sentiments.

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This addresses the "supply side" issues. We need to address the disappearing demand for diamonds from the consumers. If we wait until the supply side problems are relieved, we won't be happy wondering "where the consumer disappeard to?". Since DeBeers is no longer the driver of consumer demand, everyone in the supply chain must take a little of their attention, resources, and yes, a "little money" to act. The answer is digital advertising and outreach and cooperative shared advertising in print. The absolute mandate is fresh design, or the advertising dollars will go to waste.